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08AUG2017: the new Battle Dagorath album "II - Frozen Light of Eternal Darkness" (Vinterriket on synths) will be out on Avantgarde Music 15SEP2017 - Avantgarde Music Bandcamp

05JUL2017: the new book "CZ - Gesammelte Schriftwerke 1999 - 2017 - Impressionen eines Wanderers V" is available now

27FEB2017: new limited Vinterriket Logo TS (L/XL) out now

24DEC2016: the new Vinterriket album "Nachtfülle" will be released in 2017

01DEC2016: the new book "Erdreflektionen - Impressionen eines Wanderers IV" is available now

23SEP2016: the new Battle Dagorath album "I - Dark Dragons of the Cosmos" (Vinterriket on synths) is now out on Avantgarde Music - album stream - Avantgarde Music Bandcamp


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